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Erin McKamey Pickel

Erin McKamey Pickel passed away February 22, 2019, shortly after her eighteenth birthday.  Although physically fragile and quiet, Erin's spirit was strong and her big smile and expressive laugh spread the purest joy and love to all she met.  Erin truly loved her family and friends, and would want everyone to know that love is not a special need; Love is a special gift, freely and openly given every day.  Love overcomes being scared, anxious, or discouraged, and that is how her family wishes all of us to remember Erin:  she had the special gift of sharing LOVE.

Our family's mission with Love, Erin is to continue to share Erin's love and light to those in need.  Items such as baby wipes, food, school supplies, clothing, and first aid kits fill a Love, Erin tote and are given in memory of Erin.

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